Robin & Joan Rolfs presents a historical documentation of the earliest electric wiring and fixtures found in the historic house museum called Hearthstone.

In 1882, industrialist and entrepreneur Henry J. Rogers built a lovely Victorian mansion for his wife, Cremora. He lit the home using a Thomas Edison system with a dynamo operated by waterpower. Lights for the home were carbonized bamboo filament bulbs placed in fixtures called electroliers furnished by Bergman and Company, who was the exclusive source for lamp fixtures and hardware for Edison's new incandescent lamps. Installed only three years after Edison’s breakthrough in perfecting the electric incandescent lamp, this house may contain the only remaining examples of these early lighting artifacts accessible to the public.

Discover the origins of hydroelectricity and the entrepreneurs who dared to take a risk on the future development of this electrical technology. Follow the growth of the companies evolving from the world's first electric company in Appleton, Wisconsin to install an Edison system powered by water.

Hearthstone: America's National Electrical Treasure Super User